It’s that time of year when us gals south of the equator are freezing our butts off and Summer can’t come all too quick enough. While we’re all dealing with cold toes, cold beds and very cold mornings, here’s some fun summery desktop wallpapers to transport you (and your computer) into warm, balmy nights.

Now where’s my margarita?

Cactus Desktop Wallpaper | Tell Me Tuesday Blog Cactus Desktop Wallpaper | Tell Me Tuesday Blog




Download “I Think You’re Succulent” Wallpaper here

Download “I Scream” Wallpaper here


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  • Simplify.Create

    Those are so cute & funky. Winter is mostly gone here in Queensland now 😉

    • Thank you lovely lady! Yes, the weather here in Perth is teasing us with warmer and longer days too. Bring on summer I say!

  • Love deck my tech! The ice blocks are my favourite. Kate, Wondrous x

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  • These are adorable! They just made my work space 10x cuter

  • Keri Hill

    Love these! I think a background really makes me more motivated-weird but true! lol

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