4 Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes for your next bbq

For me, Summer can never come around quick enough, and today I’m sharing my 4 favorite cocktails to serve when entertaining at home. Best of all, you can prepare most of these in advance, and just add ice when your guests arrive.

Paloma Jello-Shots

A favourite when the girls are coming over. Make these a day in advance and keep chilled until just before serving. Grab the recipe here >

Rosemary & Gin Cocktail

One of the most popular cocktail recipes on Tell Me Tuesday, this baby is great served in a pitcher– just multiply the recipe x 5 and top with plenty of ice. See the recipe here >

Watermelon Daiquiri 

Watermelon + rum + lime. That’s all you need to create this ridiculously easy watermelon daiquiri. Check out how here >

Negroni Cocktail

As the day turns to evening, treat your guests to a more serious tipple with a classic Nergoni. To make life a whole lot easier, I love to make mine in advance and store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (the fridge is perfect). Then, when it’s time to serve, pour into ice-filled tumblers, stir, garnish and serve. The full recipe can be found here >


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