Ok, so over the years I’ve racked up my fair share of air miles– India, Thailand, Greece, Croatia, Indonesia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Hong Kong…. And now, as I prep for my next adventure to Turkey (!) I’ve been readdressing my travel tools and looking at what’s working, what’s not, and what could be better.

These days it’s hard to imagine travelling without a smart phone (for one, I used to waste so much time trying to figure out how to get from A to B! Am I the only one who always gets lost?!?)

Here’s a little ol’ list of some very clever apps that I love to use, and hopefully you’ll find useful too. Happy travelling!

Getting There & Away


You know an app is great when you prefer to use it over the desktop version. Skyscanner is the world’s top flight comparison website, and the app has all of the great intuitive features that you need when booking flights on your mobile device (comprehensive filtering options for flight time, length, price range and a whole lot more). Best of all, I find that I always nab the best priced flights with Skyscanner.

It’s available to download for Andriod and Apple for free.

Parlez-vous français?

Google Translate

Google’s game-changing app has opened a whole new world when it comes to travelling to foreign countries. This powerful little app translates almost instantly within a camera-like frame. Need proof? Check out this (very fun) video “Google Translate vs La Bamba“.

Download it now from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Stay Connected

Wi-Fi Finder

Until roaming charges subside, a decent wifi hotspot is a gal’s best friend when travelling overseas (these photos aren’t going to Instagram themselves, am I right?).

Using your phone’s GPS, this app searches for the closest Wi-Fi hotspot and directs you pronto. It works in over 140 countries worldwide and best of all it’s free for Apple devices.

You can download yours from the Apple store here.

Beat the Lag

JetLag Genie

It’s no secret that jet lag can be a mean old b**ch. The idea behind this app is simple– simply set your departure port, destination, travel dates and direction, along with your usual bed time and JetLag Genie creates a plan around when you should sleep, nap and grab some rays.


My love for Airbnb goes deep. For a comfortable stay in a new city, an apartment (or terrace, or loft, or castle) trumps a hotel room any day. It’s the perfect way to instantly feel a part of the city. In no time you’ll be gushing to your friends “oh, you’ll just love my local café”. Plus, every Airbnb host I’ve met over the years has been an all-round awesome human being who loves meeting travellers just like you and me.

The app is fantastic, allowing you to search the vast Airbnb database and save favourites based on your preferences (like my Dream Stay list featuring this Italian tree house).

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android for free.

Is there an app that you use to travel with that must be on my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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