Good photography is key to a successful blog, but how do you keep your photos interesting without breaking the bank? Here are my top 5 go-to backdrops for photography. And best of all, they’re all wallet friendly.



Possible the most Instagrammed backdrop on 2015, it’s hard not to love the look of fine jewellery, cosmetics or food laid across marble. If a slab of marble just isn’t in your budget there is an alternative (and it’s a fraction of the price!). For just over a year now I’ve been using adhesive vinyl with a marble print (just like this one) which I mounted on a piece of plywood.

Wood Texture

5 Inexpensive Backdrops for Photos | Tell Me Tuesday

In the same vein as the marble vinyl, you can create your own wooden background with printed vinyl in wood texture too (I absolutely love the mixed textures of this one). Remember, as you’re dealing with vinyl (and not the real stuff) it does have a tendency to appear shiny. Make sure you’re mindful of your light source when photographing your subject to avoid any glare in your snaps.


There’s something so lovely about photographing on fabric, whether it be a piece of course muslin, a knitted blanket (how gorgeous is the diamond pattern of this one?!) or even your crumpled bedsheets. There’s something quite romantic and feminine about using fabric as a background for your images and it’s the perfect solution to adding an extra element of texture in a flash.


5 Inexpensive Photo Backdrops | Tell Me Tuesday


Brightly coloured matte paper is a super fun way to add a pop of colour to your photos (hello colourful Instagram feed!). Head on down to your local arts and crafts store, grab a stack of different coloured sheets and have fun playing around with some bright combinations.

Foam Board

5 Inexpensive Photo Backdrops | Tell Me Tuesday

If you’re in need of a crisp, white background for a product shot look no further than foam board. It’s very inexpensive (usually around $7 a sheet) and is available at most arts and crafts or stationary stores. If it’s available select sheets with a matt finish to avoid any glare from your lights.

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  • Handmade Kids

    Love these ideas!! I’m off to go Vinyl shopping now -lol

    Thanks 🙂

  • thanks for the inspo post! I love coming up with new ideas for backdrops. Another one I use is I buy wallpaper samples – there usually only a couple of bucks and you can get so many colours, textures and patterns. My favourite is the timber look wallpaper at the moment ????????

  • Great ideas! I really need to invest more in my blog’s photography. I love that you shared some inexpensive ways to do that! Thanks!

  • I do love a marble back drop, always looks classy. I have seen some great large floor tiles at Bunnings as well, which I look at every time I’m there, thinking they would make a great back drop. Just need to pop back and buy one 🙂