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These days the cake decorating isle at the supermarket gets me way too excited. All of that sprinkles, frostings, baubles and glitter sets my heart aflutter.

I quote often find myself buying small jars and canisters of colourful decorations just to have them on my shelves at home. Trying to make use of my ever-growing collection of edible sprinkles and glitter, I recently started playing around with rimming champagne flutes and coupettes with gold for a special little twist. I chose to use gold in this case, but you can use whatever colour you like (or better yet, make a rainbow!).

These are perfect for your next baby shower, bachelorette party or girly brunch. And the best part? You only need 2 ingredients and 30 seconds.

You will need:

  • Your favourite edible cake glitter or sprinkles (the finer the texture, the better)
  • 1 lemon or lime, sliced in half

To serve:

  • A bottle of your favourite bubbles (I used a dry rosé cava) or wine.
  • Champagne flutes, couettes, wine glass… whatever vessel you want to drink from!


Pour a little of your glitter onto a plate, spreading it so it makes a circle about the same size as the mouth of your drink glass.

DIY Glitter Rimmed Champagne Flute | Tell Me Tuesday

Slice lemon (or lime) in half and rim the mouth of your drink glass with the cut side. Go easy here– you just want enough lemon juice on the rim so the glitter sticks.

If necessary, wipe away any of the juice which has run down the side of the glass with a clean cloth or paper towel.

DIY Edible Glitter Rimmed Cocktail Glass | Tell Me Tuesday

Dunk the mouth of the glass into the edible glitter, ensuring it’s dispersed in an even layer.

Now pop your bottle of bubbles, shake that margarita or uncork your rosé and pour straight into the glass. Cheers!

DIY Glitter Rimmed Glasses For Your Next Party | Tell Me Tuesday



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