5 Unexpected Garnishes to Try With Your Next Gin & Tonic | Tell Me Tuesday

We all know about adding a wedge of fresh lemon or lime to our gin and tonics on a warm summer’s day, but what about trying something different with your next tipple? Gin (glorious gin) is distilled with a world of aromatics which pair perfectly with a range of not-so-typical garnishes.

Rosemary and Black Olive:

Herbaceous gins like Spanish Gin Maré are a match made in heaven with the robust flavours of a sprig of rosemary (or oregano) and a crushed black olive. The trick here is to choose a subtle flavoured tonic to avoid a flavour overload.

Blood Orange:

A large slice of this gorgeous citrus will not only make your next G&T look oh-so-Instagram-worthy, but will also add a slightly sweet pop of citrus to a bold gin like Plymouth Navy Strength.

Green Pepper:

If you manage to get your hands on a deeply savoury and spicy drop such as Opihr (my current favourite due to its pungent coriander hit) add a slice of green pepper to your glass and build you drink on top.

Jalapeño and Cucumber:

Add a hit of heat to a classic, citrussy London Dry gin such as forever staple Gordon’s or  Hayman’s. Trust me on this one.

Cucumber and Rose Petals:

Add a twist to the standard Hendricks + cucumber combination with the addition of rose. Use fresh unsprayed, edible flowers to avoid any nasties or dried, edible rosebuds are a great alternative if you can’t get your hands on the fresh stuff.


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