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Have you met Abagail and Emylee yet? They’re the dynamic duo behind Think Creative Collective and their mission is to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs turn their passion (whatever it may be!) into a productive and profitable business.

Think Creative Collective is a company that is close to my heart. Their newsletters are genuine, thoughtful and inspiring (you can sign up here which will get you a copy of their “Easiest Business Plan Ever”) and they run free webinars and mini-courses over on their site, plus they have just launched their fabulous Trello course. If you’re feeling like you need a business BFF to inspire you to keep striving for your dreams, then these are your homegirls:

1. Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

We are Abagail and Emylee of Think Creative Collective. Abagail is the resident puppy snuggler and flower enthusiast and Emylee stakes her claim at the coffee pot and hoards house plants.

2. What inspired you to start Think Creative Collective?

TCC was born after we both met in June of 2015 and realized simply that we were better together. We merged our two individual brands into one powerhouse because we knew what we could offer the creative world was pretty bomb. We’re both big believers in ‘giving it all away’ so we used that mentality to build a brand that educates and lifts up creative small business owners everyday.

3. In a seemingly short amount of time Think Creative Collective has achieved a lot of success. What was your marketing strategy to grow your business?

We think it goes back to our ‘giving it all away’ business mentality. Right off the bat we were designing freebies and opt-ins to grow our list and we very quickly had a ginormous stock pile. Simultaneously we were writing away on the blog (that eventually grew to over 200 blogs posts). We decided to bundle all our freebies ever into one place and give everyone on our list access to it. We led everyone that read our blog to sign up for Backstage because we knew the resources we had made were needed. We were also very active on Instagram (it’s still our favorite place to hang out) and have since hosted a ton of webinars (which is still one of our favorite ways to engage) that led to our list doubling every month for about 6 months.

4. What is your favorite part about your job?

Not wearing pants, getting to snuggle our puppies, seeing business break throughs and a-ha moments happen for our tribe members, getting to truly whole heartedly say “WE LOVE OUR JOB”.

5. What advice can you give to women interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Have a goal then have a plan to make it happen. Your goal is not crazy. Dream it up, then write it down. Then put the steps on paper and in a project management system so you can actually get it done. Surround yourself with like-minded people who get it and can support your dreams because they know what it’s like.

6. What female entrepreneurs inspire you?

Oprah, Gretchin Rubin, Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked, Mariam Naficy of Minted, Kim Kardashian (don’t hate, she’s built a billion dollar business on America’s guilty pleasure!).

7. What’s one special moment or story that has touched you on this journey?

Goodness, we can give you so many. We get happy mail in our inbox almost every single day from someone in our tribe telling us an intimate detail about their journey that has us in tears. Although there are loads we could share the basis is this: they’re tired, overworked and exhausted. They usually hate their job or their at their wits end with trying to make this “creative dream” a reality. They have lost focus and confidence. Then they read a blog posts of ours, attend a webinar, enroll in a program, take an e-course and something shifts. Somehow, some way our energy has transferred into them and a fire has been lit. They finally feel at home, they have found somewhere they belong. They have found someone that they can not only learn from, but with whom they can trust their biggest and darkest secrets (trust us, they get deep!). THOSE email are the special moments. The fact that our tribe has the guts to do what they do and be on their last straw, but they still choose to push forward. Whew, it’s amazing.

8. What’s next for Think Creative Collective?

The world. Haha. We have too much energy to keep bottled up. Whatever the next thing is that lets creative small business owners know that they absolutely CAN do this we want to be the one that helps them along. We’ve got our dreams set on writing a book, traveling the world, uplifting, and being the needed butt kickers for creative small business owners.

Want to know more about these fabulous ladies? Read more over at their blog, or follow along on Instagram.

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