The Day I Decided to Quit My Dream Job

It’s early (way too early) on a cold and wintery Sunday morning and I’m sitting in my bed with my laptop, planning my week ahead. Three months ago my man and I decided to take a huge leap and move to Spain, and tomorrow will bring the beginning of my last week of work at my dream job. It all seems a little crazy, right? Five days left at work, twelve days until lift off.

So, you may be asking “why on earth are you leaving your dream job?”, and lord knows I’ve asked myself the same question more than once of late. My role as studio manager of a digital creative agency is wonderful– I work with talented, inspiring, tremendous people; the constant evolution in digital technology means that my work is always interesting; a large amount of my clients do really meaningful, community focussed work; and of course it pays pretty well. Yet, something has been missing: a desire to put as much energy and love into Tell me Tuesday as I do with my 9-5 clients, to challenge myself and go out of my own, and of course spend half my year living overseas.

The blog has been a little quiet, with most of my time spent either packing up our house or wrapping up my final weeks at work. With a seemingly endless to-do list and such a big change only just around the corner, I could be freaking out right now. But I’m not. It’s all feeling pretty natural (my morning routine is definitely helping!), so stay tuned lovelies– the next six months are going to be a wild ride!


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