Today I’m thrilled to announce that my fabulous friend (and incredible designer) Kat from Kaiko is back with another Deck My Tech wallpaper series (you can check out her past work here). This time Kat’s series is inspired by the warmer months (finally!) approaching in Vancouver, Canada:

When Kate invited me to design some new wallpaper designs for another “Deck My Tech” post, I wanted to create something textural and vibrant to really liven up everyone’s screens. I am always drawn to bold and graphic shapes so I enjoyed layering watercolour and acrylic paint to produce these designs which use colours inspired by the slowly approaching summer here in Canada. I hope they bring some life and fun to your tech!

spots-laptopSpotscircles_laptopCirclestriangles-laptop Triangles

circles2_laptopCircles 2

Download Spots here

Download Circles here

Download Triangles here

Download Circles 2 here


kaiko_designsKat originally hails from Perth, Australia but after several years of traveling the globe, is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Her travels brought her to South East Asia, India, Nepal and beyond, reigniting her passion for textile and surface design. Kat was inspired to begin creating her own patterns and designs for textiles and to learn more about traditional dying and printmaking processes. From this, Kaiko was born, where she now produces lovingly hand made products for people and their homes. Be sure to check out her online store and connect with her on Instagram.


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