Free Tracking Tools for Your Blog | Want to know how successful your social media campaign or marketing strategy has been? Here's some free tools to help you track those conversions.

If you’re are fairly new to the blogging world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless array of tracking and reporting tools available. To help clear the fog a little I’ve put together a list of tools I use on the daily.

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WordPress.com Stats Plugin

For real-time traffic stats on my site I love this plugin from Jetpack. The plugin displays stats right in your dashboard, meaning you can view your site’s traffic in easy-to-read graphs as soon as you log into your WordPress site.

There’s also the ability to view your stats (everything from referral sources, top posts and views by country) by day, week, year, and a whole lot more. If you want an accurate snapshot of what posts are performing well, this is your tool.

Google Analytics

I once heard a fellow blogger say “Google Analytics takes a second to learn and years to master”. And amen to that! Your Google Analytics is a phenomenal reporting tool and an essential for any blog. Creating an account is free and if you (like me) have no idea how to install the tracking code there’s a plethora of tutorials and plugins available online to help you. I used the free Yoast plugin for installing the code on my WordPress site and recently completed Blogger Boss’ free Analytics Masterclass which took the terror out of my tech.


If you’re adding links to your social media posts you want these to be trackable. Bit.ly is a brilliant tool which shortens your urls and generates tracking reports for free. The interface will show you which links were clicked on, how many times they were clicked, where in the world they are being clicked on and what days.

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I’ve just started using ShareTally and it’s quickly becoming a favourite. Simply paste in your post’s url and it will tell you how many shares it has received across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn plus 17 more social media platforms (yes really!).


Clicky is a great, easy-to-deciper analytics tool for your blog. Also, unlike Google Analytics, Clicky gives you real-time stats on your traffic.

One of my favourite features is that it stops bots and referral spam messing with your traffic, which is a pain point of mine with Google Analytics. It also has lots of great features like heat maps (so you can follow where your visitors click), uptime monitoring (so you know if your web host isn’t cutting the mustard), and detailed reports of how long each user spends on each page (a little creepy, but an excellent insght!). Clicky is free for sites which have up to 3,000 daily views.

Do you have any tools you just love to use for tracking your blog’s success? I’d love to hear form you in the comments below!

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