Filling the home with fresh, perfumed blooms is such a beautiful, simple pleasure in life. Those who follow me on Instagram know that my Saturday morning ritual involves a trip to my local florist or flower market.

However, there’s nothing more disappointing though than forking out a pretty penny on a beautiful bunch, only to have it turn brown by Wednesday. To get the most out of your blooms I’ve put together some simple tips– some you may have heard before and some not.

Get Friendly With Your Florist

Chat to your florist about when the flowers come in. Generally Fridays are your florist’s buying day, so Saturdays and the best days for you to grab a bunch. This will change from florist to florist though, so make sure you ask. This will ensure you’re not taking home flowers that have been sitting at the florist for almost a week.

Water is Key

After buying you blooms you’ll want to get them back into water as soon as possible. If it’s going to be a while until you get them into a vase ask your florist to wrap them up with some water in cellophane.

Trim, Pick Snip

One you get your flowers come it’s time to tidy them up. Trim the ends on a 45° angle with a sharp knife or secateurs (scissors can crush delicate stems). Place your newly cut stems into fresh water straight away.

Remove any excess leaved from the stem (these will make your vase water mucky) and pick off any brown or limp petals.

Now it’s time to place your lovely flowers into a vase. Make sure your vase is super clean by washing it in hot soapy water first.

Keep it Fresh

To eliminate any bacteria and remove debris from your vase, change your water daily. My florist recommends not adding too much water to the vase so keep the water level to about 1/3 of the vase.

Do you have a handy hint to share? Leave it in the comments below!


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