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Things have been a little crazy around here lately. As my man and I prepare to move overseas for 6 months, time is ticking away way too quickly. We’re packing up our house, organising our lives, I’m about to leave my full-time job, I’ve taken a regular contributing role over at Best Friends for Frosting and of course I’m running Tell Me Tuesday. Looking back, if I was going through the same (huge!) transition a year ago, I would have been a red hot mess. But instead, I’m surprisingly calm about the whole thing. The difference? I have a rocking morning routine.

Here’s my simple tips for setting yourself up for a great, stress free day.

Rise and Shine

I don’t know about you, but it seems that the older I get, the less sleep I need. Monday to Friday, it’s lights off by 10:30pm and up-and-at-em at 5:30am. Yes, the transition to early starts is hard initially (especially when it’s cold outside!), however I now wake naturally before my alarm.

Flash back to a year ago and I was sleeping as late as possible, stumbling into the shower and headed straight off to work. Giving yourself time in the morning to settle into the day will make a huge difference to your mood and energy. Trust me.

Say No to Your Tech

Yes, we all know how tempting it it to reach for your smart phone as soon as you wake, but those Instagram notifications can wait. Seriously people, we need to put our smartphones away.

Drink Up

Make sure you guzzle a couple of glasses of water before you reach for your morning cuppa.

Move It

Most mornings I’m off to the gym or pilates for a 6am class. On my off days, I roll out my yoga mat and have a gentle stretch. Occasionally I’ll also do a short yoga series from Youtube (I love this 15 minute routine) just to get my spine inline and everything moving. Any kind of physical activity will make you feel more alert, more focused and will lift your mood. Remember, morning movement is just as important for your mind as your body.


Ok, to be honest I don’t always have time do meditate every morning, but I make a point of doing it at least twice per week. Ten minutes is all you need, however if you don’t have the time to sit in a quiet space, the Buddhify phone app has a great series of meditations for when you’re on the go (including one you can do in front of your computer).

Are you a morning person? If so, I’d love to hear what sets you up for a great day!

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