Let’s be frank. New York City in the winter can be a cold hearted bitch. Packing lightly is somewhat of a challenge, and heading out to your favourite bar in the West Village typically means that you’re going to be dressed like Michelin Man.

Being the organised freak that I am, the first place I alway start is on Polyvore or Pinterest.

Packing for NYC



For my trip in January next year my wardrobe will consist of the following:

  • grey marle tee
  • black tee
  • white tee
  • denim shirt
  • checkered shirt
  • black camisole
  • 2 pairs of jeans (1 black, 1 blue)
  • black midiskirt
  •  2 cocktail dresses
  • 3 versatile dresses
  • chunky knit
  • heavy jacket
  • leather jacket
  • trainers
  • heavy boots
  • heeled boots
  • pumps
  • scarf
  • beanie
  • gloves
  • thermal pants
  • merino stockings
  • woollen socks
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