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Social media master and web designer Collette is my digital homegirl. We connected on Instagram (yes, another Insta-friend!) and I immediately loved the way she helps creative entrepreneurs solve their digital marketing problems in an easy-to-understand way.

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Today Collette share with us her secret weapons for managing her social media accounts:

“I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see, wanna see ’em dancing'”. It’s a good day when I can work a Disney song into a blog post, right? So, where are the people? On social media, of course! And they sure are dancing! Social media can be a great way to engage with your audience, push traffic to your website and, ultimately, make sales.

If you’re a busy gal running a side hustle business or if you’re managing multiple brand pages, it can be a bit overwhelming without a plan and a schedule.

First off, you don’t have to be EVERYWHERE! Seriously. It’s better to pick a few places and really rock it than to be everywhere and stretch yourself too thin. Think about your target audience. Where are they hanging out? What sites will allow you to reach them the most?

Then, take a look at your content. What will you share on each platform?

Once you figure that out, here are the tools that will make it a breeze to keep a consistent presence on each social media outlet.



I’ve tried many scheduling tools but Buffer is by far the best. It’s versatile, cheap, easy-to-use and plays well with other apps. Buffer connects with the following social media pages:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook profiles, pages and groups
  • LinkedIn profiles and pages
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Once pages are connected, you set up a queue schedule for each profile. If you would like to share 7 updates per day on Twitter, 2 per day on Facebook, 1 every couple of days on LinkedIn and so on, you can! Buffer will recommend good times to post when you’re creating the schedule. Once it’s set, you’re ready to start adding content to your queue.

To make the most out of your account, take advantage of the fact that Buffer connects with other (free) apps that can help you to curate content!

  • Chrome browser extension – Download this immediately to add articles to the queue while browsing the web and add retweets when browsing your Twitter feed on a desktop.
  • If This, Then That (IFTTT)- If you are a Pocket or Feedly user, sign up with IFTTT to set a “recipe” for both services so that if you “favorite” (Pocket) or “save” (Feedly) an article, IFTTT will automatically add it to your Buffer queue. Magic!
  • Quuu– Is a new tool that provides hand curated content for your social media and adds items directly to a Buffer queue. On the free plan, they will find and add 2 pieces of content per day based on categories that you select at set-up. More magic!

Want some super-secret insider information? Ok, it’s not super-secret. It’s actually out there in the open because Buffer is a transparent company that loves customer feedback. Here is an outline of upcoming features that will make it even better. I’m most excited about recurring posts for your best content, new reporting and integration with Instagram!

Buffer plans go from free to $10/month to $50/month. Alternative options include: Hootsuite (free to $10/month and higher) and MeetEdgar ($49/month).


Ah, Instagram! It’s my favourite platform. I can scroll through pretty pictures for hours. But the on demand photo uploading and editing might not be ideal for some. Until Buffer connects, enter Latergramme! Via the desktop or smartphone app, you’re able to upload and edit photos, write captions and schedule posts. Now, due to Instagram’s terms, it won’t schedule posts automatically. But, you’ll get a handy push notification on your phone and a prompt to post your content with everything copied and ready to post in less than 30 seconds.

There are a few options out there that capture your username and password to schedule posts automatically on your behalf. But steer clear. This violates Instagram rules and your account could be shut down.

Latergramme plans go from free to $19, $29 or $49/month depending on number of posts, users and accounts.

Alternative option: If you’re a Hooutsuite user, you have access to a similar function via their app.

Board Booster

If you use it right, Pinterest can be a traffic generating machine! With a little help from a scheduling friend, you can create a consistent presence and grow your audience on autopilot. Say hello to Board Booster. This software connects to your Pinterest boards, creates secret boards (to curate content) and then pushes out pins throughout all day. You can spend a relaxing Saturday morning loading up the secret boards without bombarding followers with 100s of pins at once. Then, even if you’re in a meeting, working on a creative project or taking a nap, Board Booster will be pinning away using the secret boards. As if that isn’t enough, Board Booster also has a tool called “looping” that will, on a schedule, take the oldest content from each public board and repin it for new exposure. Once your boards are full of enough juicy content, you can utilize this feature so that you don’t need to curate as much new content. It’s been my experience that with 80-100 pins a day, my follower growth and interaction has skyrocketed.

Board Booster plans go from free to $50/month based on number of pins.

Alternative options include: Tailwind starting at $9.99/month (with a free trial). It is a scheduling tool but doesn’t have the looping capabilities, yet. If you’re a Buffer user, you may also schedule pins through their dashboard.



Now that you’re all set up with a schedule, spend some time analysing how your content is performing. Here’s how:

  • Buffer Analytics – Check out the analytics tab to see best performing posts by interaction, impression and more. It will help to see the types of posts that do better than others and it’s also a place to visit when you’re out of content. Grab a few of the best performing pieces of content, add them to the queue again and tweak the headline.
  • Iconosquare – Sign up and enjoy the web dashboard. Here, you’re able to see your feed, your followers’ feed and basic analytics like best performing content, follower growth and best time to post.
  • Board Booster – If you’re using this tool, you have access to basic reporting. Use this in conjunction with Pinterest Analytics for a bigger picture.

With a plan and tools to execute, you’ll be well on your way to social media success!

*This post contains affiliate links. That doesn’t sway my opinion in any way. If I didn’t absolutely love and recommend these products, I wouldn’t be sharing them with you. 🙂


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