Pack Light: The Only 6 Beauty Products You Need For Your Next Vacation

Fun fact: we’ve been travelling for exactly 3 months now. My oh my, how time flies!

I’m currently tapping away on my laptop from the teeny-tiny town of Brna, located on the small island of Korčula in Croatia. There are exactly 4 restaurants, 1 supermarket, 1 cafe and too many cats to count. Its quiet and sleepy, and every day feels like a lazy Saturday. The island is renowned for incredible seafood and beautiful white wine, so needless to say I’m in heaven right now.

Yesterday we decided that leaving this slice-o-heaven would be pure madness, so we rented another apartment and decided to indulge in this swim-eat-swim-nap-wine-eat lifestyle just a little longer.

When packing up my case for the (seemingly) billionth time on this trip, I took a long hard look at my bulging makeup case. Spilling its contents onto the bed, I realised that I hadn’t touched 50% of its contents in months. My makeup routine has changed so much whilst travelling, and today I thought I’d share with you the only 6 items you need in your next vacation’s beauty case.


All hail the power of a good concealer! About 6 weeks ago I said “boy, bye!” to my foundation in favour of letting my natural skin show. I love that instead of caking my skin with a thick shield you can see my rosy cheeks and the freckles on my nose.

The trick is to have a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone. Now all I do it dab some on any redness I have (generally around my nose and a little around my jawline) and blend well. Voila!

If the thought of walking around sans-foundation on your next vacation is absolutely petrifying, try a lightly tinted BB cream as a foundation alternative.

Eyebrow Kit

Yes, I know we’re all about the brows right now, but if there’s one way you can take your look from dishevelled beach bum to vacationing glamazon in a flash it’s with a quick eyebrow tidy.

Using a brow brush, brush your brows upward into shape. Then using either a brow powder or pencil (I love this Hourglass Sculpting Pencil as it has a wax to keeping your brows in place), start at the tail of your brow and fill in your brows using small, light strokes. Follow the shape of your brow until they are defined, brush again to spread the colour evenly and you’re done.


Before departing Australia I splurged on a beautiful lipstick, and oh my, it was a total game-changer (it’s available from Nordstrom here). The texture is creamy, super moisturising, stays put and the pigment is incredibly vibrant and intense.

Start by first defining your lip’s cupid’s bow, then sweep the lippy across your bottom lip. Smack your lips together, then using your finger, work the lipstick from your bottom lip to any outer corners that may still be bare. Once the lipstick is lovely and even, dab your index finger  lightly with the lipstick and pat very lightly onto the apples of your cheeks as a lazy girl’s answer to blusher.

If you are too heavy handed here don’t stress– just squeeze a little moisturiser onto clean fingers and pat lightly onto your cheeks until the colour is less intense.


Yes, this is a total no-brainer but an absolute essential in your (now very small) vacation beauty case. I have dark brown hair, so I opted for this Better Than Sex mascara from Sephora, which comes in a deep black. Also, before I left Australia I had my eyelashes tinted which beautifully defined them, especially the bottom row.

Dry Shampoo

I’m not going to lie– last night my hair was about 90% dry shampoo. For those I’m-having-too-much-fun-to-wash-my-hair moments, dry shampoo is a god send (I’m loving the Klorane range right now).

Always remember to shake the can well, and apply to your roots as needed.

I want to know, what one beauty product can you not live without whilst on vacation? Do you have any beauty secret weapons? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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